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Chocolate Cherry Walnut Oatmeal Cookies

What did you give your mother for Mother’s Day? My new-ish tradition is baking cookies (I know, shocking for someone who professes to hate baking cookies, but I make this sacrifice for some). Cookies have won out over other gifts because they’re easy to ship, and who doesn’t like a cookie? Really. Can you think […]

Double Chocolate Cookies

Somewhere along our enlightened path of whole grains and health-conscious cooking, we took a detour. A very rich, very chocolatey, and very satisfying detour. There’s not much to say about these double chocolate cookies. No lengthy cultural or culinary background (see, e.g. gefilte fish, char siu bao). No romantic-ish anecdote about where the recipe comes […]

2 + 4 + 6 + 8 = The World’s Easiest Cake

Eaten any drupes lately? If you’ve nibbled on plums, cherries, almonds, mangos, pistachios or slurped down a cup of coffee, you’ve ingested drupes – defined as fleshy fruit with a stone pit. For the World’s Easiest Cake, I like “drupaceous” plums. It’s not exactly the season yet for plums, so keep this recipe top of […]

Chocolate and Cinnamon – A Warm and Winning Combination

The ancient Maya were on to something when they combined chocolate with spices. They knew that chocolate was delicious on it’s own but when combined with the heat of chiles or cinnamon it really sings. An easy way to try spiced chocolate is to add a little cinnamon to your next chocolate dessert recipe. Together […]

Meyer Lemon Cornbread Cake

The arrival of Spring means lots more sunshine. I can think of no better way to celebrate this sunny time than with a light lemony cake. Below is a recipe for a sunny, slightly sweet cornmeal cake. This recipe is adapted from one that was published in the April 2009 issue of Bon Appétit magazine. […]

Crepes with Kefir Cheese and Chai-Scented Pears

Mmmmmmm, bacteria. Of course, without it, we wouldn’t have one of life’s most perfect foods: cheese (as my brother-in-law can attest). One of these days, I’ll learn how to make it (anyone ever been to classes at the Cheese School of San Francisco?). Kefir cheese is made with a very particular, mysterious bacteria that grows […]

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