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Home Made Organic vs. Home Made Conventional Cat Food

So these days most of us have been exposed to the conventional vs. organic food diatribe. We all make choices which affect our health and our pockets. We write about it, talk about it and joke about it. After feeding our cat, Paquita, one day, I asked myself “why can’t Paquita choose the type of […]


So the readers have spoken and here is the first recipe challenge I’ve decided to tackle: cassoulet. Making cassoulet is a long but uncomplicated process. I feel making cassoulet becomes complicated as there are many recipes out there that attempt to accommodate the different regional variations of this peasant style dish. In my attempt at […]

30 Gallons of Soup

As the weather grows colder, more and more people demand hearty, hot, stomach-filling soups. Here is the recipe for the most popular soup we make at work and a picture of what 30 gallons of the stuff looks like ! Chicken Tortilla Soup – makes 30 eight to ten oz. servings – 4 ea dry […]

On With The Challenge

So the readers have spoken and I’ve decided to tackle the following: Chicken Ballotine Cassoulet Bouillabaisse No offense to the James Beard Dinner suggestion…. We’ll do that next time you come over! I will endeavor to use the most authentic recipes available along with multiple pictures and video of the project. I know it will be […]

What To Cook. You Tell Me!

This weekend my wife and I had the opportunity to have a meal at La Folie. Everything was fantastic! The waitstaff, the chairs, the wine, the valet having your car ready when you step out the door, and the heavenly tasting perfectly seasoned food. Hell they even have a vegetarian tasting menu. All throughout the meal all […]

A Typical Lunch at Work

So what IS a typical work lunch? For some a burger, others a deli sandwich or a soup and salad, perhaps ? Lucky me, I work in a kitchen and this is what I typically eat at work: Ahi Tuna Poke, Kalua Pork and a cup of Thai Vegetable Curry Soup. I know it sounds […]

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