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Peach Kuchen

There are some family recipes whose origins are a delicious mystery. For me, that recipe is a dessert we call “peach kuchen.” If you speak German you’re probably thinking “ooh, cake” – but no, it is actually a type of tart. This tart has sliced peaches pressed into a shortbread style crust that is then […]

Chocolate Pudding Without A Packet

Chocolate pudding is a wonderful comfort food that few people make for themselves anymore. That’s such a shame because it is really easy, tasty and satisfying to make at home. I know what you are thinking, why bother making pudding from scratch when I can dump and stir from a packet without any cooking at […]

Pizza – Great on the Grill

Stuck in a rut with your grilling? Tired of burgers, sausages and ribs?  OK, so let’s be honest – during the summer we never tire of eating delicious grilled meats.  But, don’t you miss pizza just a little bit?! Crispy crust, gooey cheese….yep, you know you want it!  Well, you can still cook outside and […]

Moist and Tender Meatballs

Meatballs are one of the most satisfying meals around. If done right they are tender, flavorful and satisfying. Doing it right also means that they aren’t fast food, but you can make a big batch all at once and have several meals out of one session in the kitchen. The recipe that follows comes from […]

Summer Chopped Salad of Tomatoes and Corn

Fresh tomatoes and corn are two of the summer farm’s greatest treats. The large, fleshy tomatoes are a healthy delight that seem decadent and a bit like forbidden fruit. Corn on the cob, on the other hand, brings me right back to childhood with butter dripping down my chin and kernels stuck between my teeth. […]

Classic Barbecue Sauce

I love barbecue sauce. It has a smoky, spicy, sweet and tangy appeal that I crave when the weather warms up. I put it on meat, chicken, heck I even slather my veggies in it! I have much respect for those who swear by mustard or vinegar based sauces, however to me the quintessential BBQ […]

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