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Duck Confit Salad

My husband and I love duck confit but have only made it once and said “we’ll never make that again.”  When we saw ready-made Grimaud Farms duck confit legs at Costco we were excited. All you have to do is cook them in the oven for 15 minutes and voila! On a recent Sunday afternoon […]

Shrimp and Mushroom Shu Mai

Shu mai (also spelled shui mei, siu mai, etc.) is a traditional Chinese dumpling and with Chinese New Year around the corner we decided it was the perfect time to experiment. I recently bought Cooking Light’s Way to Cook and so far, everything I’ve made from this cookbook has been great. Plus it has really […]

Adult Trick or Treat

For weeks we had been gearing up for it. We watched our diets and talked about how our palates would experience a symphony of flavors in a matter of days. We eagerly entered Moscone and immediately were giddy with anticipation, our mouths drooling like Homer Simpson eating jelly doughnuts. As we went down the escalator […]

Walnut Bread with Strawberry Mint Jam

You have to have a ton of patience to make bread and preserve jam. It’s very time consuming but worth the investment (and the clean up!). I’ve been making the same walnut bread for the last few months as I got frustrated making challah, a traditional braided egg bread served on the sabbath. There is […]

Cod en Papillote with Tomatoes and Olives

Cod is a mild, flaky and delicate fish. My husband and I love cod but sometimes it’s hard to find true cod. True cod is Atlantic, not ling cod, black cod (sablefish) or rock cod. These types are totally unrelated to the cod family. Black cod is sometimes sold as butterfish because it has a […]

Freegin’ Awesome Freekeh

I was in our local Middle Eastern supermarket and came across a box of freekeh. Freekeh is called a green wheat because it’s harvested in early stages, dried, roasted and smoked giving it a green color. Similar to rice, it’s cooked with chicken stock or water but is much healthier. The freekeh I bought says […]

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