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Orecchiette with Pork, Tomatoes, and Arugula

Rourke and I moved in to our new place on Saturday, and all I can say is that I’m tired. Moving is always this perfect storm of excitement, dread, and exhaustion. I’m squarely in the exhaustion phase. Because of said moving, we’ve been eating out for almost a week. While it is nice to have […]

Sausage and Peppers — with a Twist

It’s finally starting to get warm around here and unfortunately the higher temperature makes me a lazier cook, if that were possible. Who wants to slave over a hot stove or oven when a warm, beautiful day beckons? Dinner last night was one of those “what do I have lying around that I can throw […]

Sloppy Joes!

For some reason, I can’t say it without an exclamation at the end. I never had sloppy joes growing up, but I do remember watching commercials for Manwich. Remember Manwich? My Bay Area California sensibilities prohibit me from buying such a thing as Manwich, so it’s homemade sloppy joes for this household. You might also […]

Brown Sauce

Growing up on the East Coast, open-kitchen Chinese takeout joints were ubiquitous. It seemed like when you ordered food at these places, most stuff either came in a brown sauce or a white sauce. There were exceptions such as sweet and sour sauce or whatever sauce came with General Tso’s Chicken, but everything else? Brown […]

Panko Crusted Fish with Avocado Orange Salsa

Fish is good for you! It’s loaded with omega-3′s! It’s a lean source of protein! Eat a serving at least once a week! Do it…NOW! Every now and then I wonder whether I’m eating enough vegetables, too much ice cream, etc. But for some reason I always feel such tremendous guilt when I walk by […]

Simple Things

While it’s easy to have a feeling of triumph after slaving over the stove for a complicated or involved dish, sometimes it’s the simplest meal that can bring the greatest satisfaction. It doesn’t have to be novel or fancy, but just plain good.┬áIt could be a perfectly cooked piece of fish, a burger grilled to […]

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